1. What is Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a skin cleansing method. Hydrafacial aims to provide a healthier appearance of the skin by suppressing any problems with the skin and deep cleaning. This is hydrodermabrasion, where in the process the skin is cleaned of dead cells and impurities and is simultaneously moisturized with the help of intensive serum (solutions) or a complex of serums (soutions).

2. What exactly are the effects of Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a vacuum device which has own three  special solutions and heads. 

At the first stage, there is a total removal of any impurities in the skin, sebum and makeup residues. Thanks to this stage, the procedure was generally known because the quality of cleaning is radically different for the better from ordinary manual face cleansing. In this regard acne which is not close to the skin surface, gets closer to the skin surface, so that it can be completely cleaned the next session and the reduction of these pimples thanks to the special solutions used for inflamed pimples. 

Then, cleansed skin is treated with healing serums, which penetrate deeply into the released skin pores and have the maximum healing effect.

Hydrafacial plays a big role in removing fine wrinkles and tightening the skin. The vacuum helps increase skin tone and accelerates lymph, i.e., provides excellent lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, thus contributing to the removal of toxins and increased nutrition of the dermis.

Hydrafacial aims to create the image we call «healthy gloss», promotes skin renewal and activates collagen synthesis in it. Along the way, immunity is stimulated and unnecessary skin pigmentation is removed. Depending on the state of the dermis, intense, moderate or mild acid exposure may be performed.suppressing skin color inequality and improving skin hyperpigmentation.

At the last stage with the help of serum, sebum is softened, and its antibacterial components restore normal skin microflora. 

At the end of the procedure  the red blue LED therapy is applied which provides an anti-aging effect on the skin and reduces the redness caused by the therapy.

3. Who can not get this procedure?

HydraFacial is adapted for all skin types, so that even the most sensitive and allergic-prone skin can easily take it. The exception could be for the patients with the allergy for the seafood, aspirin and seafood. Also in case there is inflammatory processes in the body, for example, herpes or mechanical damage to the skin.

4. How long should the session intervals be?

Session intervals can only be determined after the consultation by analyzing the skin and depending on your skin type. 

We recommend to start the treatment with the interval of 1 week. Depending on the condition of the skin, 6-8 sessions may be required, followed by maintaining the result once a month. 

5. Does Hydarafacial reduce acne and pimples on the skin?

Yes, hydrafacial reduces the formation of acne and pimples by 90% with regular sessions and paying attention to the products and diet used by the patient.

6. Can this application be done in the summer?

Of course, it can be easily done in summer (in case there is no sun burn on your skin). It will be sufficient to use a sunscreen effective moisturizer after the session.

7.  When I can  put makeup after the procedure?

We do not recommend applying makeup the same day as the procedure is done, but if the patient needs to apply makeup, it can be done using light-based products in 3 hours.

8. What is the age range for this procedure?

HydraFacial  can be performed by both age and young clients. In all cases, the approach is strictly individual.

9. If I have fillers, Dysport (Botox), etc., can I do HydroFacial ?

Yes you can. But not earlier than 2 weeks after the injection.

10. Recently, I have already done face cleansing (or peeling), can I perform the procedure?

Yes you can. But not earlier than in 1 week.

11. How soon can people undergoing acne treatment will see the result?

The result is visible even after one procedure: the skin is clean, smooth, moisturized, radiant and toned, complexion improves. Hydrafacial is an ideal procedure when you need to look like a million and there is only 30 minutes to it.

Depending on the level of acne, the result varies from 6 to 12 months after the end of treatment.

Based on the consultation with the Doctor the relevant course can be determined  and the estimation of the result time wise.

12. Can I book for procedure?

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