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Top Questions About Breast Lifting and Breast reduction

1. What is Breast Lifting surgery?

Breast lifting is a surgery that we do to make the breast look fuller and more natural especially for the patients whose breast sagged after breastfeeding, pregnancy or weight loss. The main difference between breast lifting and breast reduction is that breast size can be enlarged if desired. 

2. Who might need breast reduction?

It would seem a lush bust is considered one of the most important signs of female beauty. This is actually not quite true. Women decide on breast reduction surgery not only for aesthetic reasons. Big breasts can cause a lot of problems. Indications for a breast reduction are:

* back and neck pain due to the large weight of the mammary glands;

* deterioration in posture and even curvature of the spine;

* skin irritation due to lingerie straps and diaper rash under the breast;

* psychological discomfort associated with the size of the bust;

* asymmetry of the mammary glands.

3. Do you use silicone implants for the breast lifting?

Yes, I usually recommend putting very low volume of silicone at the same time to patients who wants to lift their breast. This way we reduce the chance of breast sagging caused by the age and breastfeeding.

4. Will I have the scars and where?

Yes, I do the breast lift with a T-shaped scar, because of the shape of the incision, this technique of lifting is also called "anchor". How quickly the patient recovers after breast lifting, and the scars become inconspicuous, depends on the individual characteristics of the healing.

However, it can heal more visible and reddened in patients with impaired wound healing and smoking. Therefore, I strongly recommend my patients not to smoke for at least 3 weeks before surgery and for at least 2 weeks after surgery.

5. When can I see the result after the surgery?

The final result of the operation can be estimated after 6-12 months, but in some cases and after 2 months, the breast shape is already becoming stable. T-shaped tightening allows you to achieve excellent aesthetic results even with a strong lowering of the chest.

6. Can I breastfeed again after that kind of surgeries?

Yes, you can breastfeed, although there may be a decrease in the amount of milk you can give after breast reduction surgery, these two surgeries do not prevent breastfeeding. In both surgeries the filter glands and ducts are protected.

7. What are the risks of these surgeries?

In these surgeries, the main issue that patients should be considered is the scars, which might be visible in the bra, bikini, but as I mentioned above, it may disappear almost completely depending on your wound healing capacity and in case you are smoking, or it may be red and markedly healed.

In rare cases, the patient may also experience a loss of sensitivity, both partial and complete. As a rule, sensitivity is finally restored after a few months.

8. I plan the pregnancy, can I have the surgery?

In case the patient plans the surgery I recommend postponing the surgery until the expiration of 6-10 months after the end of breastfeeding. 

9. How much is it possible to reduce my breast?

This is  most common question asked by patients applying for breast reduction surgery, these patients ask to shrink too much since they are tired of their chest weights.

Two factors are important in this regard:

Firstly, the newly built breasts should be compatible with your shoulder width and body structure. 

Secondly, we need to reduce the nipples and seam lines the way not to disturb the circulation. If a reduction is made to disrupt circulation, wounds will occur on the nipple and around the seams.

10. Is there any way to make the scars less visible after surgery?

Of course, some trace creams, moisturizing creams and cures are recommended. Sometimes we can apply CO2 laser on our patients to minimize these scars. But basically choosing the right technique and not smoking is the key to prevent  scar marks.

11. What should I be aware of after the operation?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and in a full-fledged hospital.

You stay in the hospital for 1 night.  We put a new bra on you and you should not remove your bra within 1 week. You have drainage that is withdrawn after 24 hours. First week after the surgery the key point is to have rest and keep a protein diet. In 1 week, you are allowed to change your bandages and take a shower. Routine sports exercises (other than lifting weights) can be done after 2 weeks.

12. Do you have any package solutions?

Yes, we are focusing on the full care of our patients. We have prepared different package solutions based on patient's needs to make their staying in Istanbul more safe and comfortable. Our packages include everything from the moment when the patient arrived to Istanbul until the departure. We meet you at the airport, deliver to the hotel, where my assistant will welcome you and give you the instructions in regars to the coming day. All kind of transfer between airport, hotel and hospital, surgery itself, hospital expences, medicines and medical support within the first week after the surgery is included. My assistant will accompany you everywhere in regards to the surgery to make you feel more relaxed and give you relevant support.

13. Can I book for surgery?

For Book Only Surgery; +905325418900

For Book Full Package Solution; +905334589696

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