1 What is Endolift, what is it for?

It is a combined laser application that combines skin rejuvenation and facial contouring. Surgical operations where the skin is cut and stretched in the sagging areas in the face, chin, neck and bags under the eyes are no longer needed. This application, which we can do only with air cooling or local anesthesia that does not require incision and anesthesia, offers a much easier and safer option than traditional surgical applications.

2 Which part of the body can it be applied to?

Endolift is used in the following areas such as:

-The neck,

-Jowl sagging,


-Cheek and middle face sagging,

-Under-eye bagging

3 Do I have a painful application and when can I return to my daily life?

This procedure performed with local anesthesia and is a painless application compared to other cosmetic skin stretching jobs. Although there are minimal edema that can last 24-48 hours starting within 6 hours after the procedure. You can return to your daily life the same day. There is no bruising and no bandage is needed.

4 Can it be applied on all faces and in all age groups?

Absolutely yes, it can be applied on all skin types and ages. In some cases extra applications may be required together with endolift only for the patients with severe skin sagging. That can be done in our clinic.

5 When does the effect begin and when does it end?

Endolift is one of the very rare procedure you can see the effect immediately. Its effect lasts approximately 2-5 years depending on the skin structure and the level of problems.

6 Will one session be sufficient?

Based on the structure of the skin and the severity of the problems we inform our patients before the procedure. We may need to perform 2 or 3 session every 6 months on faces with severe sagging. In the routine 70-80% of patients are sufficient for one session.

7 Does it have a fat burning effect? Or is it just tightening the skin?

Endolift has 3 modes: acne treatment, skin tightening fat burning (lipolysis). For the sagging skin the tightening mode is used. In cases where we need to reduce the sagging or in areas where fat burning is required (because of the food), 2 modes are used together.

8 How long does the procedure take? Can we apply it to our entire face in one session?

We divide the face into 4 zones:

• Neck and jowl;

• Jaw lines;

• Cheeks and nasolabial wrinkles;

• Around the eyes (eyes wrinkles)

Treatment of these 4 zones is planned and carried out separately. Treatment of each zone takes approximately 45 minutes. In some cases we can combine 2 zones together within 1 session.

9 What's the difference with other facial rejuvenation methods?

The superiority of facelift cannot be compared with surgery. The surgery is increasingly distant due to the serious complications that may occur after such as: facial paralysis, lip nerve paralysis, bleeding, skin loss, eyelid drooping or sagging, and difficulty in the postoperative process. The superiority of the endolift cannot be discussed because it is the only technique and device that can work under the skin among non-surgical facelift techniques, directly targeting the dermis collagen and subcutaneous fat tissue.

10 Do you have any package solutions?

Yes, we are focusing on the full care of our patients. We have prepared different package solutions based on patient's needs to make their staying in Istanbul more safe and comfortable. Our packages include everything from the moment when the patient arrived to Istanbul until the departure. We meet you at the airport, deliver to the hotel, where my assistant will welcome you and give you the instructions in regars to the coming day. All kind of transfer between airport, hotel and hospital, surgery itself, hospital expences, medicines and medical support within the first week after the surgery is included. My assistant will accompany you everywhere in regards to the surgery to make you feel more relaxed and give you relevant support.

11 Can I book for procedure?

For Book Only Surgery; +905325418900

For Book Full Package Solution; +905334589696

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