Facts about botox

1 What exactly does botox do, is it harmful procedure?

Botox is currently the most preferred procedure in the World and to my perspective that’s the medicine of the century. Its main effect is a temporary and partial paralysis of the muscles. So what does this do ? What is the obvious sign of aging? Of course wrinkles on our face. These wrinkles are a work of our facial expressions. Is there any solution as I don’t want to look old? We can get rid of these wrinkles with face lifting, which is a difficult surgery. What can be done without surgery ? Then we can prevent these wrinkles from forming and becoming permanent with just a five minutes procedure as botox. The active substances of Botox (botulinum toxin and neurotoxin) is completely excreted from the body. In other words, there is no trace of botox in our body in 6 months- 1 year. So it can be considered as a very safe drug and treatment.

2 Which areas can Botox be used ?

Botox most often applied for the facial area like:

-Forehead, mid-eyebrow wrinkles;

-Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes);

-Lip wrinkles (nasolabial folds; wrinkles "puppets");

-Neck wrinkles (sagging);

-Chewing muscles (masseter )

Apart from this, it is used in the treatment of some muscle spasms, migraine treatment, digestive system diseases. It is also possible to use Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, in other words, to reduce sweating.

3 How long does the effect last ?

The effect for the Patients who have not done Botox before may last approximately 6-7 months, and effect may take up to 1 year in repeated applications.

4 I had botox before, but I haven’t seen the effect, why?

The effect may have decreased or not seen due to the allergy to it, although such cases are reported very rarely. However, the most common reason 9öşeh9 is situation is an insufficient 9öşe of Botox. The drug could be recently opened earlier and re-used due to these situations the effect could be short-term or almost not visible. So please make sure that your doctor who applied the procedure opened and used a special flacon for you. 

5 Is it painful procedure? How will I look after?

Botox is a painless procedure that takes an average of 5-10 minutes. The procedure can be performed without anesthesia, because the Botox needles are very thin and the injections are almost painless. However, if the patient desires and the increased pain threshold, the doctor applies a cream with anesthetic effect on the face. After the treatment there is no swelling and the person can countinue the daily life.

After the procedure we recommend:

-To sleep with at least 1 pillow for the first 3 days;

-Not to lie down and take a horizontal position of the body for 4-5 hours after the procedure;

-Not to drink alcohol for 3 days after the procedure

-To avoid sauna, sunbathing within 3 days.

6 Is there any risk of botox treatment? May it have complications?

Botox procedure should be done by a specialist physician. In case of a wrong application there may be complications that may lead to prolapse of the upper eyelid or eyebrows, facial paralysis, asymmetry of the face, vascular injury, intravenous administration etc., up to cardiac arrest..

7 Do you have any package solutions?

Yes, we are focusing on the full care of our patients. We have prepared different package solutions based on patient's needs to make their staying in Istanbul more safe and comfortable. Our packages include everything from the moment when the patient arrived to Istanbul until the departure. We meet you at the airport, deliver to the hotel, where my assistant will welcome you and give you the instructions in regars to the coming day. All kind of transfer between airport, hotel and hospital, surgery itself, hospital expences, medicines and medical support within the first week after the surgery is included. My assistant will accompany you everywhere in regards to the surgery to make you feel more relaxed and give you relevant support.

8 Can I book for procedure?

For Book Only Surgery; +905325418900

For Book Full Package Solution; +905334589696

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