Secret of beautiful and attractive lips

1.What kind of fillers do you use and its permanence ?

Nowdays Lip fillers can be devided into two types: hyaluronic acid fillings and fat injectionn(lipofilling). I only use hyaluronic acid fillings as a lip filling. It has a very fluid structure that contains larger particles and is not very fluid due to its oil structure. That’s why  the desired shape cannot be given to your lips  with fat injection,  the lips that are enlarged homogeneously is not an image we want very much. Although hyaluronic acid fillers have varying brands and permanencies, on average they have a permanence of 9 months- 1 year .

2 Does the lip filler have a side effect ?

Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient of the filler, is a substance that already exists in the body and that has  been proven to be safe . But recently, the main reason for the problems experienced after lip filling which is the subject of some TV and magazines, is the fact that fillings without hyaluronic acid are applied in pure form. This procedure has two main side effects that may occur:

The first is allergy. In order to prevent this rare situation, patients who have never been filled before are waited by injecting a small amount of filling before the  procedure and it is monitored whether any allergies will develop.

The second is vascular injury and damage that may occur due to the use of the wrong size needle or filling the wrong area for filling. The main reason for this second side effect is that people who are not trained and who are not specialist to do this application. 

Sometimes you can observe redness, swelling, lumps, herpes. Most manifestations are short-lived. Redness decreases in 3-12 hours, swelling subsides in 2-3 days. Small lumps help to spread with a light massage. The activation of herpes is recommended to be prevented, after having drunk a course of antiviral drugs.

3 I want it to be very natural and definitely not exaggerated, how many ml of filling is required for this?

The main fear of patients applying for lip filling is that it looks too big and exaggerated. However, contrary to popular belief, 1 box or 1 cc lip filling, increases lip volume by 4-5% on average. In the table below, you can see the results of 1-2-3-4 cc lip applications in the same patient.

4 Is lip filling a very painful procedure and after how many days can I return to my daily life?

Lip filling is a procedure with local anesthetic cream and minimal pain. Although swelling and bruising may occur rarely after filling, this situation is no longer observed with the introduction of a special needle type. In average the filler needs 3-4 days to fully set and take its final shape.

Should I do any preparation before the lip filling?

I recommend stop taking any alcohol 2-5 days before the procedure and to take antiviral drugs. 

5 What should I consider after lip filling ? 

After the procudere, some patients may be recommended to apply ice for the first night.

You should stay away from hot drinks and meals for the first 3-4 hours. It is very important to drink 2-3 liters of water a day within 3 next days. It is also among our suggestions not to drink alcohol and smoke in first 3 days period. 

After healing the wounds, it is permissible to smear the lips with a moisturizer, use hygienic lipstick if the lips dry. No other skin care is required. To eliminate the complication, I can also recommend the use of antihistamines and antiviral drugs.

Please also try to avoid during the following actions within  first 2-3 days such as: kissing, sunbathing, going to sauna, visits to the dentist.

6 I am not satisfied with my filling , what can be done ?

If hyaluronic acid filling has been made before, this filling can be completely melted with a very simple injection. The average melting time is 1-2 hours. But if your previous filling is not hyaluronic acid, then there is no solution other than surgical removal of the filler. Surgery is 30-40% successful in such cases. For this reason, it is very important that you choose an FDA approved, quality-known filler.

7 Do you have any package solutions?

Yes, we are focusing on the full care of our patients. We have prepared different package solutions based on patient's needs to make their staying in Istanbul more safe and comfortable. Our packages include everything from the moment when the patient arrived to Istanbul until the departure. We meet you at the airport, deliver to the hotel, where my assistant will welcome you and give you the instructions in regars to the coming day. All kind of transfer between airport, hotel and hospital, surgery itself, hospital expences, medicines and medical support within the first week after the surgery is included. My assistant will accompany you everywhere in regards to the surgery to make you feel more relaxed and give you relevant support.

8 Can I book for procedure?

For Book Only Surgery; +905325418900

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